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Technical supervision of construction in Moldova
№: 348190 | Кишинев | 8 января 2019, 16:10 | Просмотров: 4
Technical supervision of construction
What does it mean Technical Supervision?

Technical Supervision of Construction is one of the key conditions for workmanship during of one or the other construction project, starting with the design and cost estimating documentation to commissioning of the project.

Technical Supervision of construction is a complex service. It includes organizational, control, inspection, expert actions and measures, performed by an independent specialized engineering company.

What is the purpose of a Technical Supervision?

The most important scope of Technical Supervision is considered to be the assurance of transparency and possibility of control for the client during the whole process of construction, which allows both: the Designing Company and the Construction Company to achieve a full compliance with all the quality and safety requirements.

The supervising Engineers of RTDS GROUP Ltd regularly perform on-site quality control of the rigging and construction works and of special mounting works, of the used materials, of the supplied equipment and of compliance of handed over works according to construction norms and rules, to approved design documentation, to contractual obligations of contracting company.

To check the construction quality, our supervising Engineers would inspect and assess the quality of constructed structures, assembled units, details and communications. As a result of such quality control of construction there will be done records about the defects or lack of defects of the critical structures of a building, of finishing works, of engineering systems and of the installed equipment.

In the process of technical supervision it is checked the availability of documents, certifying the quality of structures, units and materials used for construction (technical passports, certificates, laboratory test results, etc.).

The tasks of Technical Supervision also include regular control of correct record-keeping of primary as-built technical documentation (of executive schemes as a result of instrumental survey for the assembled structures, project components, buildings and communications), formalizing of acceptance documents for cover works and critical structures, of reports on test results, of general and special logs (registers)

The quality control of construction works is a complex checking process of the works to be handed over by all the contracting companies, a quality control of construction on a regular basis. It is checked the compliance of the volume of works according to those from the approved design and the estimated costs for each construction stage

In case it is necessary, the experts of RTDS GROUP Ltd may fully perform the whole range of complex measures to verify the procurement documents of contracting companies, the suppliers’ invoices for compliance of procurement prices with the average market price indices, and to check the specifications for materials and equipment for compliance with the approved design documentation.

The control system of construction of Technical Supervision and Quality Control Service within RTDS GROUP Ltd includes:

verification of working documents and their issue for performance of works;
control of field mapping site marked by benchmarks, red lines and site layout for the building location;
compliance control of supplied/used structures, units, materials with those from the approved working documentation, technical standard documents;
technological compliance control of rigging and construction processes;
workmanship control;
identification of defects and deficiencies of the performed works, of structural elements, on site in general as a whole;
control over remedial in time of defects and deficiencies revealed by Technical Supervisors;
control of proper installation of equipment;
control of laboratory testing in time for quality control of the building materials, units and structures;
sequence control of the necessary survey works, tests, routine observations and instrumental control, control of their quantities and timeframes for their performance;
compliance control of the volumes of rigging and construction works and quality of such works, performed and ready for handing over, according to the design documentation;
control of executed instructions by construction companies from Technical Supervision Service and Project Architect’s Supervision, from state technical supervision authorities;
interim acceptance of critical structures of a building jointly with construction companies and design companies, including the cover works;
availability control of primary as-built documents, of general and special logs (registers) and control of their appropriate and timely record-keeping.
As part of compliance control of the budget for construction and of the approved with client the estimated costs for construction, the Supervising Engineers of RTDS GROUP Ltd perform:

verification of quantities and costs of performed works, submitted for payment by construction companies, for compliance with design and cost estimating documentation;
identification and rejection of unjustified costs, of unjustified increase of unit prices and of quantities;
quick and timely record-keeping of incomplete construction project: increasing volume of accepted and paid rigging and construction works and increasing costs;
quantity and cost record-keeping of poorly performed rigging and construction works, record-keeping of costs for defect remedial works and reworks;
verification of procurement documents (nomenclature, prices, quantities) of construction companies, suppliers;
agreement of financial and reporting documents of construction companies;
payment agreement for performed works of General Contractor, suppliers, based on Handing Over or Taking Over Certificates;
agreement of final payments at the completion of construction.
Certified skilled experts of RTDS GROUP Ltd carry out daily monitoring and control of construction works, of the used materials, of the supplied equipment for compliance with the requirements of design documentation, construction norms and rules, method statements, contractual obligations of contracting companies.Our company performs its activity in strict compliance with applicable in Moldova Republic standard documents and regulatory acts, including the requirements of construction norms and rules.It exercises in the mane of Investor lawful actions focused on timely and proper execution of real estate project construction work. Moreover, we provide consultation to foreign companies to invest in the Rep.Moldova. For fulfillment of assumed preparation, management and building inspection obligations, Technical Customer - RTDS GROUP Ltd implements the complex of expert, administrative, auditorial and control, financial and technical resources and measures providing total control of investment construction project aspets, such as:Design and construction process legality; Intended use of investment (credit) funds for commercial real estate project construction; fiscal discipline; transparency assimilation of capital investment assets; Design option performance and achievement in the process of construction quality volumetric project characteristics approved in construction documentation; Proper quality execution of construction and installation works; Scheduled date of project performance;

One more service provided by our company is the status check inspection of the finished construction projects, finishing works, etc., i.e. the check inspection of a building after it was raised. This service is called – technical due diligence. It is performed like this: the Client has not originally signed a contract for technical supervision, but later decided to find out the actual costs and the quality of complete project. In this case, the Client enters into a contract with our company for performance of technical due diligence. Our experts, having a good technical background and experience in the sphere, perform a highly-qualified due diligence(expertise), the outcomes of are the shown deficiencies and the recommendations how to correctly eliminate them

In most case, those who hire a construction company to repair an apartment or an office, to construct villas and cottages outside the urban area, have a rather vague idea about construction and technology. After all, they become the victims due to poorly performed works and overpayments. If you appreciate the quality of works, do not want to spend extra money, to be cheated and to be left with nothing and if you have no time to watch the constructors - you are welcome to us.
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Technical supervision of construction
добавлено 17 января 2019, 09:23
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